About Jivaldi

Consultants, creative thinkers, pragmatists – names that we use to describe ourselves. Jivaldi is a small team of goal-oriented digital marketers with quite a bit of experience, 16 years in business! We are fortunate enough to mix this experience with a healthy dose of creativity and intelligence, which allows us to bring value and results to your company. We convey these results with data…real, meaningful numbers. Google Analytics is our friend and ally.

Creative Design is a passion of ours yet we offer considerably more than design alone. We are experts in e-commerce and Shopify, but you don’t want to hire us only to code. Instead, hire us to create and manage a digital marketing campaign with clear and defined goals. Driving targeted traffic, increase conversion rates and sales in e-commerce, acquiring new customers. This is where we shine bright.

The way we see it, is that we get people to do what we want them to. More often than not, this boils down to the customer filling out a form, otherwise known as a conversion.

Think about it…

Everything that happens online involves filling out a form. Post something online, a form. Comment on something, a form. Purchase something (e-commerce), a form. It starts with a click, but it always ends up with a form being filled out. A/B testing was created for this very purpose – to determine which method leads to more conversions, or forms being filled out. One very simple repeated action.

The easier we make it for your customers to fill out these forms, the more we engage them, the more we make them WANT to fill out the form will determine our success. This is what we do. We're ecommerce experts. We get more people to purchase. Period. And that is why Jivaldi is still in business after nearly two decades.

Ok, we’ve written 258 words up to this point. SEO best practices would tell us to stop here. We’ve told somewhat of a story while introducing Jivaldi to you – a practice that is oft repeated in our industry. You’ll also see that this page is simplified, clean, limited distractions that might otherwise lead you away. Yet we have a dose of visual aesthetic for creative types who may be starting their own company or campaign. We’ve even added a few links to content pages for those of you engineering types who are less swayed by marketing copy and want more real-world examples. We’ll also have you know that our target prospect (you) is between the age 32 and 50, you’re either starting a new company or are a veteran of the marketing industry.

And…If you have the phone in hand or you are about to fill out the form below, then we’ve done our job. We look forward to speaking with you.

If you want to come back later, no worries. Stop by and check out our blog.

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