Traditionally a very conservative arena, the world of politics seem to be warming up to online marketing strategies that companies like Jivaldi have been doing for several years. Political Blogs, Content Management & Online Voter Involvement seem to be paving the way for perhaps a fundamental change on how politicians will approach online campaigning in the future.

With a more aggressive online approach, Mary is looking to reach out to a wider voter base and enhance the overall communication process with her constituents.

Jivaldi looks forward to continued involvement with Mary's online efforts and she moves forward with here political career. Jivaldi is also reaching out to the political industry with the intent to leverage Jivaldi's online marketing strengths with campaigns that are seeking a competitive advantage.

About Mary Bono
Congresswoman Mary Bono represents California's 45th Congressional District. In 2000 and 2002, the Congresswoman was reelected by an overwhelming majority to serve a second full term in Congress.

About Jivaldi
Jivaldi is a leading interactive marketing agency located in Pleasanton, CA. Jivaldi provides a range of services including application development, content management solutions, database and email marketing, and web and print design. More information is available at

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