Jim Ivaldi, founder of Jivaldi added, "Many companies still think that simply building a new corporate website will drive additional traffic and sales will naturally increase. However, the online medium has never been a place where you can build something, let it sit idle for a couple of years, post a couple of photos and news items and hope that it will generate business. This model doesn't provide any benefits to the business." To combat this mindset, Jivaldi educates its clients and proposes three key elements that, when used in effective combination, delivers results: design, development and marketing. "No company is better at fusing these elements than Apple," Mr. Ivaldi stated. "They build beautiful things and seamlessly integrate the technology so it is easy for everyday users. And it goes without saying that they know how to market themselves."

The driving force behind The Bridges Golf Club's marketing efforts is no different. Jivaldi gathered web analytics from the previous three years to help guide the redesign. Jivaldi also took some of the most common questions and concerns of the course's customers over the years and answered these with interview videos that speak directly to those issues.

This design concept of this popular Bay Area golf course brings the sights and sounds of the golf experience to the viewer. The 'ambience' videos were shot on location in high definition and taken from various points on the course. A user, on each visit to the home page, will be treated with a random selection of these ambient videos that helps bring the course to the user. During the marketing brainstorm, Jivaldi worked with The Bridges and asked golfers what they remember most about their golf outings. Their answer was a mix of the "overall experience" of the course, the beauty, sights, sounds & weather. This became the basis and driving force behind the design of The Bridges Golf Club.

Jivaldi stresses however, that design is only one aspect of the overall online experience. Companies still have to utilize web technology efficiently and also market themselves correctly. This thought process is especially true for the golf industry which has paid less attention over the years to marketing, and is currently dealing with an over-saturated golf market, more frugal golfers, and a tough economy.
Jivaldi continues to prove itself in this regard, not from the sites it builds but from the results that are achieved via cohesive online marketing efforts.

About The Bridges Golf Club
A challenging Johnny Miller designed golf course, this San Francisco Bay Area golf course offers beautiful surroundings and presents a formidable test for even low handicap golfers. The 18-hole championship course is set amidst the Easy Bay foothills and offers stunning views for both golfers and events alike. The course offers elegant event facilities and it is a popular destination for both weddings and receptions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

About Jivaldi
Jivaldi LLC is a full-service Online Marketing Company that helps clients extend their reach through impactful marketing campaigns. Jivaldi's integrated marketing services include: online marketing, creative design, branding & development. The company is strategically located in Northern California, with offices in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas. More information about Jivaldi's online marketing efforts is available at http://www.jivaldi.com.

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