Case Study: Empeopled

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  • A social network platform connecting people through conversations about shared interests
  • Founded in 2012 and privately held
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Client Goals

  • Build and launch an entirely new social platform that empowers communities around causes, brands, and common interests
  • Establish a merit-based filter for content posting and consumption
  • Grow a community of topic experts and influencers
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Jivaldi Approach

  • Engage at the conceptual level to help build site from the ground up
  • Apply a comprehensive and iterative wireframing processup
  • Leverage characteristics from other existing social networks and gaming applications
  • Evolve design to accommodate clients’ unforeseen challenges and needs
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  • Consulting and strategy
  • Social network architecture
  • Wire framing and user interaction
  • Design direction and usability
  • Front-end development
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  • BETA site successfully launched in January 2013
  • Societies built around hundreds of topics and interests
  • Recognized as a destination for better online conversation
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“I have to show this to my team before I can comment with finality but my immediate reaction: Hallelujah! You came through and I love you! LOL”

“Love the work and very excited….this was a refreshing breath of fresh air.”

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A Site Like No Other

Launching a new social network platform in today’s crowded online space is no easy feat—particularly when starting from scratch. When Empeopled embarked on its venture, however, it saw an opportunity to create something unique. But being different was not enough. Empeopled sought a digital marketing infrastructure that would be purposeful, engaging, and sustainable for a new community of users. Requiring proven online expertise, an understanding of social networking, and comprehensive yet flexible development capabilities, Empeopled turned to Jivaldi for help.

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From The Ground Up

While many digital marketing agencies are called in to design or build a site after the project has already been put in motion, Jivaldi was engaged from the get-go. This enabled a strong client-vendor relationship to ensure the site was architected in the most logical, complete, and flexible manner, knowing the project would evolve over time. Following a comprehensive and iterative wire framing process, guided by Jivaldi’s experience, the site was built from the ground up.

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New Social Network Model

Jivaldi’s early engagement also afforded the opportunity to leverage a new social network model incorporating characteristics from existing sites (e.g., Reddit, Facebook, Meetup, etc.), as well as elements from online gaming applications (e.g., World of Warcraft). The project extended well beyond a standard design and development role for Jivaldi, which provided value throughout the project lifecycle—from concept through beta site launch. As Jivaldi’s responsibility grew, so did Empeopled’s trust in the vendor, particularly in balancing immediate client needs with inevitable future changes.

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Better Conversations For A Better World

At each stage in the digital marketing process, from wireframing and user interface design to creative support and front-end development, Jivaldi seamlessly and successfully guided Empeopled to its desired beta launch of an innovative social networking platform. Today, is recognized as one of the web’s top merit-based filters for content posting and consumption. “Citizens,” who make up “societies,” vote on content across hundreds of business and lifestyle topics to decide what to look at or not. This unique peer-review approach has enabled Empeopled to become a desirable place for communities of like-minded people to have quality conversations and influence on the topics they care about.

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About Jivaldi

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